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G Plan Omega Action Rechargeable Power Pack (For All Power Items Except Elevate Chairs)

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This Omega Action G Plan Rechargeable power pack  has been designed for use with all G Plan power recliner chairs and power recliner sofas EXCEPT Lift & Rise Elevate Chairs Which have Their Own Dedicated Rechargeable Power Pack. :  This G Plan rechargeable power pack (G Plan Part Code 0982) can be used in a choice of two different ways, we have detailed these below:  Option 1 enables you to leave the rechargeable power pack permanently connected to the mains supply (the power pack connects between the recliner unit and the transformer). This will provide you with an emergency battery backup power supply in the event of mains power supply failure. Used in this way, your power pack will be kept continually charged. Option 2 Is for people who don't want visible trailing wires across their room. You can fully charge the power pack (in the same way that you charge a mobile phone) and then remove the charging transformer  and simply use the battery backup pack to power the recliner unit (for approximately 20 to 30 cycles before it needs recharging) without being connected to the mains power supply, and without those unsightly cables running across your lounge!. Charging your power pack The following instructions apply if you are using the rechargeable power pack remotely from the mains. For the initial charge or if recharging after a long period of non-use please charge for 10-15 hours to achieve full capacity. Subsequent recharging is necessary as soon as the power pack has insufficient strength to power the unit. When the charge is low on your pack, an audible warning will be heard. Connect the power pack to the transformer. Plug the transformer into the mains electricity supply When charging is complete there is an internal installation which avoids overloading the power pack. To help preserve the life of your power pack, it should be recharged on a weekly basis if the power pack is used frequently on a daily basis. Where the pack is used occasionally, say, a few times a week, the power pack should be recharged on a monthly basis, even if the audible warning of 'low charge' is not heard. Advice on rechargeable power packs Before using the power pack, please carefully read the following instructions. Do not use extension cables or use the unit with a damaged cable or plug. Damaged parts have to be replaced immediately. Contact to buy a replacement Power Pack if any parts become damaged. All rechargeable batteries dissipate energy over a period of time even if they are not used. It is recommended that they are fully recharged at least every 4 weeks, or when a noticeable drop in power or operation of the recliner unit is noticed. Should you need to charge a cold battery (approx 5°C or less) in a warm room, leave the battery for at least one hour inside the room and charge only after the battery has been warmed to room temperature (otherwise the battery may not fully recharge). Do not charge the power pack in temperatures below 0°C. The transformer and power pack are specially coordinated. The transformer MUST NOT be used for any other equipment or tools. NEVER charge the power pack with another transformer/charging unit other than the one supplied. The transformer and power pack are not designed for external use and must not be used in damp places. On separating the transformer from the wall socket please always grasp the plug to avoid damage to the cables or cable connections. Before cleaning the transformer/power pack, disconnect from the power supply and do not immerse in water. Do not store the transformer and power pack in rooms with a temperature of more than 35 degrees C or less than 0 degrees C. Never burn exhausted power packs, they may explode. Avoid mishandling and damage to the cable. Keep it away from extreme heat, naked flames and sharp implements. Always recharge the power pack in a well ventilated room. Never cover the transformer or power pack with textiles or other material during the charging process. Ensure that the transformer cable is routed to avoid causing a trip hazard. We recommend that it is put away when not in use. It should never be left under the recliner unit as it can be damaged by the mechanism. When used according to these instructions and guidelines the rechargeable power pack is supported with a 2 year guarantee. Buy Your G Plan rechargeable battery backup Online Now From Clayton's at the UK's Lowest prices guaranteed!

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How do I get free delivery?

Internet Orders Over £2999 

Spend £2999 Or More Online to get FREE delivery to your door,  we will attempt to take goods into your room of choice for you (access permitting) we will ususally be able to do this for you,  but must stress that as every home in the UK is different, that this cannot be a condition of sale.  To ensure that we can deliver anywhere on the UK Mainland we of course have to use delivery carriers to certain postcodes, just as companies like Amazon do, these carriers are essentially delivering a box, they are not furniture assemblers, nor experts at delivering furniture, if you require this level of service then we recommend you pay a few hundred pounds more and buy at your local store .

What we do promise is the best price in the UK  (we will try and get the furniture in for you) but for the reasons stated above we are unable to guarantee to get the furniture inside your house and we cannot assemble internet orders.  We have to state clearly that our delivery officially ends at your property door.   There are millions of different types of homes in the UK and we cannot see who is ordering what, so if you order something that won't fit, or something like a recliner sofa that needs bolting together you are responsible for this. We are always on hand to help with instructions on how to carry out any assembly.

Important - To Manage Expectations :-

Please note that whilst we will always try and deliver into your home, and will do this wherever we can,  officially our obligation to deliver ends at your front door and on internet sales, we do not carry out an assembly service.   Certain recliners and sofas will need connecting together by the customer, we can provide instructions on how this basic task is carried out so that you can do this yourself with ease, (typically a straightforward connection using supplied wing nuts).

Contract delivery staff will not usually connect recliners / recliner sofas together so please do not expect this, you must ensure that you have a competent person on hand to carry out this task. If you are unable to connect the recliners together yourself and feel that you need this doing for you, we can put you in touch with your local independent technician who would usually charge you between £60 - £80 for this service.

We will always try and put goods into your room for you, but in instances where goods will clearly not go in easily after an attempt has been made, you will be expected to accept your goods and make arrangements to get them into the room safely in your own time for the very final stage of the delivery. We feel that this is a reasonable request as every home is different and we are delivering your goods nationwide, so once you have the goods at your door threshold, you can take a careful planned approach allowing much needed time, if things are a little tight.

Of the thousands of deliveries we make each year, this thankfully only happens a handful of times, but we would rather be completely upfront about this point, unlike other companies who perhaps wait until the event happens.   We of course always do what we can to help, includding putting your furniture into garages, conservatories etc for you, as often once you remove doors and furniture items which are blocking the route when time allows you, this can then make all of the difference in allowing the goods to be taken in carefully and in a considered manner in your own time.

If you are in any doubt as to whether goods will fit, or if you are unable to assemble your own goods or accept goods into a garage / conservatory etc in the unlikely event that they will not go into your home easily, then please do not place an order with us.

The delivery personnel used for web orders are general carriers, just like when you buy from most online stores, it is the only way as a small company we can cover Lands End to John O'Groats,  this is not the same level of delivery service as buying from a store and recieving a local delivery, but nor is it the same price.


Local Deliveries

Spend £2999 Or More instore to get FREE two man, room of choice, (access permitting) home delivery within our 50 mile two man home delivery radius. - by Clayton's Local Two Man Team.

Where we give free delivery, we give this regardless of how many items you order, as long as the total basket value is over the minimum spend amount.


My order is less than the free delivery threshold so how much is delivery?

For Online Orders You just pay our flat rate delivery charge of £39

For instore orders, you pay for two man deliveries depending upon where you live, as an example central lincoln is £39, Market Rasen is £49, Grantham is £59 (please call in store for details)

Where we charge delivery, you only pay the delivery charge once per order, regardless of how many items you order in a single transaction.


How does the free delivery work?

Once you have added all of the items you wish to purchase to the basket, you will then have the choice of selecting from the dropdown box 'collection' or 'delivery'. Where you have selected 'delivery' and you proceed to checkout, in the next step you will be asked to enter your postcode, this will then confirm if you are within our delivery area.

The system will check your order value and will either display Free delivery if you qualify or a delivery charge amount if your order amount is under the minimum qualifying spend. You then enter your delivery details and proceed through to the card payment screen and complete your order.


I live near Lincoln, can I collect my purchase & save the delivery charges?

Yes, no problem. Just place the order online and in your shopping basket just select 'collect from store' from the dropdown box. We will then contact you when the goods are in stock and you can collect them from us and save yourself the delivery charge where applicable.


How do we deliver?

Internet Orders

For Internet Orders Delivery is officially to your front door, the carriers will often (access permitting) lift goods into the room of your choice, but this is not a condition of sale. We do not assemble sofas, recliners, beds, wardrobes, tables etc on any internet order.

If you live further a field, we are able to cover the entire uk mainland via a delivery carrier system, but as such, we rely upon courier companies who deliver to your front door on our behalf. Understand that a carrier service will not be as flexible as our own delivery crews, so please plan for what will happen in advance if you have to accept the goods at the door on delivery.  


Local Deliveries

For local deliveries, we operate a different service and use our own Clayton's own home delivery staff and a seperate delivery charging structure operates in store to reflect our local dedicated two man home delivery crew who will deliver access permitting into your room of choice.

Our own local delivery staff are trained to try and help install your furniture purchase in the room of your choice  (where access permits), if good do not fit on delivery, you will be still expected to accept them at the doorstep and make provision for getting them into the property yourself, although we may be able to re-deliver for an additional charge once you have planned for removal of windows etc to allow access where necessary.   (We are unable to remove packaging where your purchase is sold as self assembly).

Some smaller items such as rugs etc may also be sent by doorstep courier meaning that a signature will be required and the goods handed over to you at your front door.


Do you assemble goods?

Typically the answer is no. On instore purchases, we will try where possible to help by putting divan beds together and put feet on sofas etc, but we do not assemble furniture, other than bedroom furniture items which are sold with Free assembly.

On internet sales, we do not carry out an assembly service.   Certain reclining sofas will need connecting together by the customer, we can provide instructions on how this basic task is carried out so that you can do this yourself with ease, (typically a straightforward connection using supplied wing nuts).

Contract delivery staff will not usually connect recliners / recliner sofas together so you must ensure that you have a competent person on hand to carry out this task. If you are unable to connect the recliners together yourself and feel that you need this doing for you, we can put you in touch with your local independent technician who would usually charge you around £60 for this service.

We are unable to assemble items such as flat pack bed frames, wardrobes, tables or build any other kind of flat pack furniture. We regret that we are unable to do this due to time constraints, and outside our local area we often use a carrier service who simply deliver on our behalf. If you place an order online with us, it is done on the condition that where goods require assembly, you are solely responsible for carrying this out.


I'm not sure if the goods will fit?

You must satisfy yourself that any goods ordered will fit into your property. As we do not visit your property prior to delivery, you are totally responsible for goods going into your property. If the goods don't fit, we can leave them in another room or garage etc for you to put in the property yourself, or we can take them back to our distribution centre to allow you to remove windows etc, but please be aware that where goods are returned to the depot, you would have to pay the contractors re-delivery charge which is usually around £70 (even if we had given you free delivery initially, as re-delivery carries a charge levied by the contractor).

If there is any doubt at all that the goods may not fit, please don't order them as you are responsible.

Please note that any costs incurred affecting delivery will not be the responsibility of Clayton's Carpets LTD (ie window or door removal etc). Clayton's are only responsible for delivery to your front door.


Do you offer a disposal service?

Sorry, no. We are unable to take old furniture away for disposal. We will however take the packaging from furniture if we have unpacked it, away free of charge for recycling (this must be done at the same time as delivery, we cannot return later to collect packaging).

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